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UK Charity No 1090727 Malawi Charity No CONGOMA C159/2003 & NGO/R/05/08

Friends of Mulanje Orphans (FOMO) is a community based orphan care programme supporting over 5000 children through a network of 13 centres in Mulanje district of Malawi. FOMO covers all aspects of the children’s welfare including health through our outreach clinic, formal and informal education, food security and production. The programme also covers pre-school, out of school activities and further learning through our play schools, computer, driving and tailoring schools. The programme also covers the provision of school materials, personal items (Soap, clothes, blankets, and mosquito nets) and community much more.

The programme is run by a very small staff with over 200 local volunteers; our funds are raised by a small, but resourceful volunteer committee in the UK.

FOMO provides direct aid and reaches out to many thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children, but we do need a regular source of funding and your personal donations are both valued and appreciated.

2013 Major Achievements

  • Identification of over 4,500 children
  • Maintained and ran 12 FOMO Centres
  • Maintained the children feeding programme, 1.1 million meals a year
  • Maintained Health Care to the children most in need
  • Operating a day Clinic and Outreach programme
  • 179 Workers supported by 200 Local Volunteers
  • Maintained (Repainted/repaired) 2 Centres
  • Completed building Phase One and two of FOMO’s Secondary School
  • Maintained our Funding Links with Lessons for Life (Education)
  • Maintained our Links with Intercare (Medicine)
  • Ran Activities Songs, Drama, Excursions, Dance,Stories,Sport, Reading Classes
  • Ran and Maintained a Maize mill facility
  • Ran the driving school
  • Funded and filled 1 container
  • Provided personal toiletries, shoes, clothes, sport ware & equipment to the children.
  • Distributed goods from the container to the centres and children
  • Funding 3 students at university
  • Funding 1 students at medical college
  • Funding 1 students at nursing school college
  • Funding 1 students at Malawi polytechnic
  • Funded all form 4’s at IT and paid exam fees
  • Funded 385 children to go to secondary school
  • Provided school uniforms, text books and educational materials
  • Support to all the FOMO registered Primary School Children
  • Maintenance and Repair of Buildings
  • Maintenance and Repair of 2 Bore Holes
  • Ran and Maintained 12 Play Schools
  • Ran and Maintained the computer school
  • Ran and Maintained the tailoring school
  • Ran and Maintained small basic recording studio
  • Hosted a of day and holiday visitors including World Challenge, BayhouseSchool
  • Installed water harvesting tanks at FOMO Tambala
  • Without you none of this could happen. Thank you

2014 Major Challenges


  • Maintain Food, Health & Education Programmes
  • Specific Funding Help for the Clinic and Outreach Programme
  • Container 2014

Wish List

  • Girls School Hostel (Priority)
  • 24 seater school bus
  • Refurbish Tailoring Unit
  • Extension of FOMO Gulumba Centre
  • Build a Maize Mill
  • Water Harvesting Project (4 Centres)
  • Solar Water Heating Project (6 Centres)
  • Build Centres at: Galumba, Chole, Sazola, Naluwadi, Chinyama

    Winner of the Beacon Community Builder Award 2010

    Helping does make the differenc